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Hello, world!

Why, hello there. Welcome to the very first post here at Geekalicious. I feel like I should post something introductory in nature, but I never know what to say. So. Hi. I’m SE, but you can call me either Sue or Taylor. Take your pick, I truly don’t care. I’ll probably also answer to SE or “hey you” if you felt like yelling either in my direction. I’m a 30-something based in Pennsylvania. And I collect blogs like some people collect Magic Cards. Perhaps you know me from my journal writing blog, Nerdy Wordy, my Star Trek blog, She Treks, or my blog of random, Haphazard. Yup, that’s all me. What can I say? I’ve enjoyed writing since I was little and I’ve been intrigued by blogging since I discovered what blogs were.

One of the reasons that I decided to start Geekalicious came out of my experience with She Treks: I’ve been enjoying reviewing episodes of Star Trek and wanted a space to cover other franchises I enjoy (though perhaps ones that aren’t quite as huge as Star Trek). I also wanted space to review books and discuss pop culture and fandom at large. Fun fact: I didn’t really discover that I enjoy science fiction and fantasy until adulthood. For some reason, I dismissed the genres as not for me while I was growing up. That could be due in part to growing up in a household where nobody was into either genre. But in any case, I didn’t really get into them until my 20s when I decided to give the genres a shot on a whim. As such, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do (which fed into my desire to start She Treks: this will be my first time watching Star Trek). I still have lots to learn, lots of “classic” SFF that I haven’t read/watched and want to. I anticipate there being a bunch of posts on Geekalicious being SFF related as I explore the genres. However, I’m not limiting myself strictly to those genres either. In fact, one of the first things I’m planning on doing is doing a series of reviews about a television show that doesn’t fit into either genre (more on that in a later post). I see a lot of book and television reviews in my future – but I consider any pop culture related discussion to be fair game.

So let’s get the party started, shall we? I hope to post at least every Wednesday, with the occasional Saturday post.

I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey. Will you join me?

To understand a field, you look at its arts. Arts can be cautionary as well as inspiring.

— Wil Wheaton
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